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Still written with Twitter or Facebook status?

Ads, promotions, notifications, requests....

  • Annoying promotions

    Various advertisements on your Twitter time-line, and push notifications let you follow an unrelated someone else, and even someone you don't want to see, but their homepage is full of smoky advertisements and noisy groans.

  • Lost your data at any time

    Is the content you creating your own? Sorry, you only have the right to use it. If there are any needs they can delete theme at any time. The posts that you wrote for ten years may suddenly gone.

  • Good ideas dead

    Your micro-blog is full of good ideas, which cannot compare with a few dollars for marketing junk content. Your good content is submerged in the ocean of star promotion, advertising marketing in minutes, no one would see that forever.

Exclusive personal micro-blogging system, for you.

No Ads, own your data, more beautiful


Video Demo

2 Minutes demo to know how it works.

*This video was made on Jun 2019, some UIs or functions may be different (better).

You could try the latest version here.

Full front-end

Font-end login, logout, post, modify, delete posts

Writing with Wordpress is not as easy as it shoud be, you have to login to the dashboard, click "add post", write, preview, modify, then you can publish....

Now publishing, editing, or even trash any post with KeepMinutes in front-end, you do not need to go Wordpress dashboard again and again, not any more, just write, send, that's all, and that's all in front.

Simplicity but not simple

Ajax auto loading, infinite scroll, editing contents without refresh page.

With auto-load, most actions you made in the web front-end don't need to refresh, new content you post will show up below directly, the content you trash will be faded and disappear, waiting in the trash bin. When you scroll to the bottom of page, old contents will be automatically loaded and show up. Find any spelling mistakes? Click on the edit icon without leaving page, modify and save, mistake corrected.

Beautifully designed

Handy,simple and problem solving

Removed the complexity and excess, and keep only the most essential and practical parts. It can be used by anyone with almost no learning cost.

Flat design, full platform responsive design, HTML5, CSS3, vector font icons, they will not be blurred on any screen, auto load, "@" mentions users... Your micro-blog should look like this.

Responsive design, Dark mode

A micro-blog that you can take it to anywhere

When you or your registered users publish a new post or comment, other devices do not need to refresh, new content will show up immediately.

When you switch your system to dark mode, your website will go dark mode automatically without refresh. (Currently supported on Windows 10, iOS 13, MacOS Mojave and Chrome 76 for Android only.)

Your micro-blog can be automatically post to Facebook, Twitter by connecting to IFTTT, in real time. Any Wordpress plug-ins can be used by "KeepMinutes".

Optimized for mobile devices

Works well on desktop screens and equally well on mobile devices

  • Full platform responsive

    Whether you're on a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet, you can get a better visual experience and user experience. The excellent adaptive function is not simply to modify the element width, but to rewrite all pages for mobile devices.

  • GPS check-in

    With the built-in GPS on your mobile phone and other mobile devices to get accurate geographic location. When you publish an article, you can choose to store the geographic location information in Worpdress article and display it in front.
    Note: The GPS sign-in function requires that your website has an SSL certificate.(https access)
  • Mobile theme speed optimization

    Optimize the layout and streamline the elements for mobile devices. The complete theme package is only 500kb in size. It will be very smooth for outdoor use of 4G Internet. As a result, you can write and capture anything, anytime, anywhere.


KeepMiutes Wordpress Theme

  1. Comprehensive front-end operations, login, posting, picture uploading, location check-in, no Wordpress background operations, lighting fast writing and publishing.
  2. Ajax automatically loads posts and infinite scrolls.
  3. Use the device GPS to get latitude and longitude, and location check-in.
  4. Modern beautiful page design, flat style, vector icons.
  5. Resize your pictures to specific size then upload to your server, big picture on phone? No worries.
  6. Full platform responsive, down to iPhone5.
  7. Dark mode automatically switches with your operating system.
  8. Based on Wordpress, a wide variety of great plug-ins and possibilities are waiting.

Note: The GPS check-in function requires your website to be configured with an SSL certificate (https access). Dark mode is currently supported on Windows 10, iOS 13, MacOS Mojave and Chrome 76 for Android.

Choose your plan

You have to own a server that running Wordpress. Only theme, plug-ins and services are provided in these plans.


  • All Theme and plug-ins
  • Only Personal use
  • Domain allowed 1
  • V2 series free update
  • Optional Install for you
  • Optional Accelerate and optimization
  • 7X24 Service
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  • All Theme and plug-ins
  • Allow Business use
  • Domains allowed 2
  • V2 series free update
  • Optional Install for you
  • Optional Accelerate and optimization
  • 7X24 Service
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  • All Theme and plugins
  • Allow Dev and bussiness
  • Domains allowed 4
  • V2-V3 series free update
  • Optional Install for you
  • Optional Accelerate and optimization
  • 7X24 Service
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*$ for US dollars.

Terms of service

Please know before purchasing

  1. All themes and plug-ins file are sent through email, so please make sure your email in PayPal note is correct.
  2. The follow-up after-sale service of the theme only guarantees the normal use of the functions described on this site, and additional features or changes to the theme require additional costs.
  3. This theme is for paid users only. It is forbidden to resell, re-gift, lease, forward others or provide download links to others. Once found, you will be held responsible for copyright.
  4. The basic license of this theme is for personal use only, and may not be used for internal or external websites of companies, enterprises or units; corporate and unlimited licenses may not be resold or deleted.
  5. Due to the peculiarity of this product, no refund will be given back after the theme file email was successfully sent.
  6. The copyright information in the footer must not be changed without the author's permission.
  7. By paying for a purchase, assume that you have agreed to these terms, which will serve as testimony or evidence in the future and may be against you.
  8. These terms will be revised and updated without further notice. In the event of a dispute, the latest terms and conditions of the purchase date will apply.
  9. The right of interpretation of this term belongs to the author of this theme, known as Duke Yin.
Updated in 2022-09-22

Frequently Asked Questions

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